Cole had a doggy nightmare!
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Thread: Cole had a doggy nightmare!

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    DefaultCole had a doggy nightmare!

    So last night I awake to the bone-chilling sound of this "arooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" coming from Cole next to our bed. I nearly wound up on the ceiling.

    Ron starts laughing his ass off. Cole sleeps next to our bed and had apparently been having a doggy dream and Ron had been listening to him running and fake-barking in his sleep for a few minutes. Then he lets out this howl! Ron says, "Didja catch it boy???"

    I leaned over and petted Cole's head and he was totally out of it. Eventually he thumped his tail, but I think he was having trouble figuring out what happened! His howl sounded like HE got caught by something! Goofball. It was pretty funny, we laughed about it for about ten minutes.

    But seriously, that is NOT a good sound to wake up to at 3am.

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    DefaultRe: Cole had a doggy nightmare!

    That would have scared the poop right outta me, G.

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    DefaultRe: Cole had a doggy nightmare!

    I would have jumped too. I woke up the night before last to a loud thump. I'm still not sure what the noise came from the best I could think it was Mocha's head hitting the wall or bed as she went to lay down. It made me jump though.

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    DefaultRe: Cole had a doggy nightmare!

    Gina, funny (not in a ha ha sense) that you would post this.
    Zoe had the same aroooooo this morning, about the same time!!

    I usually do not wake if she barks, but this one got me up. She was still sleeping, so I too assume she was having a dream/nightmare.
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    Coles Mom Guest

    DefaultRe: Cole had a doggy nightmare!

    Ha! Maybe they were playing together (though that wouldn't quite work would it, with the time difference!)


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