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    DefaultDog show question

    Excuse my ignorance if this question seems dumb

    While watching the Westminster dog show last night I wondered how these dogs are judged. Are they judged solely on appearance or are personality and behavior a factor too?
    I noticed some of the dogs jumping around, jumping on their handlers while they were making their way around the ring. This was just with a few dogs, they just seemed excited

    Can this hurt their chances?

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    DefaultRe: Dog show question

    I may be wrong but I think it is only on appearance or breed standard.

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    DefaultRe: Dog show question

    Judging in Conf, as far as I know, is supposed to be based on conformance to breed standard only. The
    *personalities* that come through make it entertaining for the audience, but aren't really supposed to influence the judges. But I can't help feeling that they do... after all, the judges are only human.

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    DefaultRe: Dog show question

    No it doesn't necessarily hurt their chances. They are judged on how well they conform to their breed standards first and foremost, and then personality and showmanship do help. For example, you can have a near perfect lab in the ring, but if it acts beaten or just stands there, it's not showcasing the hallmark of the Labrador trait, and that is it's amazing temperament and strong desire to please. A dog that snaps at a judge will be excused from a ring, and a judge may be annoyed by jumping, but it doesn't necessarily hurt their chances.
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