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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultI need some advice...

    Dakota is suppost to be spayed on Wed. Shes suppost to go in for blood work tomorrow afternoon (I refused to make her stay over night before her spay). Yesterday I noticed a rash area on her belly and scabs where shes been "itching" (bitting). I assume it has to do with the dog food. Shes was on SD LB puppy for the first almost 11 months and then we went to SD original. Well I sent my brother to get dog food a week ago and he got the puppy food : . She dosnt do change well at all so I think thats where this itching came from. I am going to go and get her reg. food tomorrow and do the mix back over to the stuff she needs to be on.
    Because of the rash should I call and have her spay moved back and clear this up..
    Because of the flash on the camera it makes this look better than what it really looks like. It is more red than this picture.

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    DefaultRe: I need some advice...

    Are there any yellowish crusties around the red areas? Huckle used to get staph infections on his belly...it looked a bit like the rash in your pictures. They put him on Keflex and it cleared right up.

    Missing you, my friend.
    Huckle 1/9/1992 - 4/25/2006

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: I need some advice...

    No yellow crusties..
    There is dried blood from her trying to get the itch gone.. :'(
    its not normal for her to itch like this but when I changed her food over the first time we went through this. After the change was done and a good week passed with being just on the new food she was fine.

    I just hate for her to have to deal with and itch she can't get and dealing with the spay. I know if I was in that situation it would drive me crazy..

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    DefaultRe: I need some advice...

    i think that it is just the change in her food, my lab got that same thing on her belly whenever we changed her food and it went away in about a week.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: I need some advice...

    I think I am going to get her back to normal before going ahead with the spay. I can't seem to think it would be much fun to have an itch and then stiches that itch also.


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