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    DefaultWhy do you think...

    Why do you think it's a dog's world in the show ring? So many more dog winners over bitches.
    Any thoughts as to why?

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    DefaultRe: Why do you think...

    Interesting question.
    I don't know...still a newbie here.

    Possibly because a dog's show "life" is usually longer than a bitch so there are that many more chances? Dogs don't get taken out of the ring for breeding and whelping purposes, and don't have huge coat blows and so forth after weaning a litter. They don't have to worry about extra "puppy weight" ruining their topline, etc. etc. etc. And, a bitch's prime time for breeding is probably between 2-6 years, which is also the prime time for a dog to be out in the ring earning his championship! It also takes fewer dogs to compete with and win over to earn a CH than it does in bitches. And many fewer breeders keep dogs out of litters...some have a few, but most will keep 1-2 at most it seems. Some have all bitches because they don't want to deal with a male when the girls come into heat.

    Also, it seems like there is a huge "cause" to finish a CH in a dog- who will want to breed to a dog who isn't a CH? What does he have to offer if he doesn't already have his CH? He'd better be darned near perfect. Whereas with a bitch, if she doesn't do well in the ring (which of course would be sad for the breeder who kept this puppy in the first place), and there is some flaw like a weak topline or whatnot, a breeder will see the potential (great bone, beautiful head, good coat, wonderful breed type, etc. etc. etc.), and look everywhere for a dog who has the strongest topline around so that s/he can "correct" the flaw within the litter they produce, in turn working on "improving the breed" by "improving the stock" through hopefully breeding those particular flaws out of that population.

    Does that make any sense?

    I don't know if any of these could possibly be reasons...I'm just brainstorming. Like I mentioned, interesting question!

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

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    DefaultRe: Why do you think...

    I had thought of the one issue you raised about the necessity, almost, for a male to get that CH.
    But I did not think about the female's missing time in the ring due to litters and coat blows. Absolutely true and a very valid point.
    Like you, Julie, I'm a newbie too. Just asking a lot of questions and starting to learn about all this stuff. I know there is also a lot of politics in the show world, as in anything else, and wondered does the male dominance issue apply to here as well. ex..is the show standard more geared towards the boys.


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