Puppies in need of homes
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Thread: Puppies in need of homes

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    DefaultPuppies in need of homes

    I received an email about 12 pure bred and 6 they think may be pure black labs that are in need of foster homes or forever homes. She sent me an email with some photos. Way to many to post here. But they are in Indiana.

    Anyone interested and would like me to forard the email let me know. I know my boss really would like to adopt one. But they are so far. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Puppies in need of homes

    I don't know where in Indiana they are but I'm in Louisville, KY. I'll help transport if they need me too. SU won't let me foster yet though.

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    DefaultRe: Puppies in need of homes

    Are they older labs? Two brothers? If so, it's been going around for some time and they are already safe.
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    Mybabymambo Guest

    DefaultRe: Puppies in need of homes

    No there are 6 puppies. They are in Indianapolis Indiana. Plus I think there are 12 others as well. Kinda confused on the amounts.

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    DefaultRe: Puppies in need of homes

    I'm in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and could possibly help transport if needed.


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