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    DefaultLots of puppy questions...

    Hi everybody. I have some puppy questions. ;D I know there is tons of info out on this site, but I just don't have time right now for actually doing a search. My puppy is a very, very busy boy. I'm trying to spend lots of time with him since I work full time. My daughter and her bf live with me, so he is getting plenty of attention while I am at work also. Anyway....a few questions ;D

    Any suggestions on what training to do right now with my pup. He is 10 1/2 weeks old. We have been working on sit. He is doing really well with that. I have tried the down, but he just takes his head down and lifts up his bottom from the sitting position LOL We were playing fetch a lot. But, now he decides he will just take whatever I throw over to his dog bed and chew on the toy. I am trying to encourage him to come back to me with it. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. I still haven't put a leash on him since he's only had a collar on a few days. I don't leave it on him in his crate, so he still isn't used to the collar yet. He is doing fantastic with house training. Still not all the way there yet. But, out of 4 nights in his crate, he has only pottied in there twice. He only wet in there during the night the first night. He does have very loose stools, so I think that is why he is having the accidents. Last night there were no accidents at all and he was in there around 7 1/2 hours. I was very, very proud of him.

    Another question is about water. Do you just leave water down all day and then take it up before bed? I tried that yesterday and we were going outside constantly because he kept having to pee. So, now I just let him drink when I want him to. I do make sure he doesn't drink after 7 at night. I give him water very frequently. But, it seems like he constantly wants to drink. He does have a little bit of a cough right now, so maybe his throat is dry. I called the emergency vet and she thinks it may be a virus. But, since he is acting normal besides the cough, to just wait and take him to my vet today. He coughs very little during the day. It is mainly later in the night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my vet has an am appointment. We were going for a check up tomorrow morning since this was a bad day to miss any time at work. But, they are going to have to work around me not being there because my boy is going to the vet.

    One more question. Any suggestions on how to keep him from chewing on the furniture. He mainly wants to chew on the chair I am sitting in. He likes to lay on the rug at my feet and play too. I pull his nose away and say leave it. He just thinks it is a game. Sometimes he bites me too when I pull his mouth away. I am not letting him get by with it. But, sometimes I just want to laugh at him. He's such a character! I do try and give him something else to chew on too. Sometimes that works. Sometimes not ;D

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am going to go seaching through the forum during my free time this week so I can look for other advice also. I know your this site has loads of good information.

    Oh, I am also feeding him Diamond lamb and rice large breed because that is what the breeder suggested and what he was feeding his pups. The emergency vet had a fit last night when I told her that. She said if it was her pup, she'd take him off of it right away. I'm going to ask my vet about it today. Any suggestions on a good food to use? I know there was a recent thread about that too. I will have to go looking ;D

    Have a great day everybody! Tina

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    DefaultRe: Lots of puppy questions...

    There are so many GREAT lab experts on this site, I'm going to leave the answers to them, and just suggest you look on the puppy training forum. There is a sticky at the top called "Our Best Advice." That has TONS of info you can use without spending a lot of time searching.

    Good luck....and post some pics of that cutie pie!

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    DefaultRe: Lots of puppy questions...

    I agree with Snowflake, there is tons of great advice here. Check out the recommended thread, and you'll find a bunch of really helpful information.

    As for the water- puppies pee all the time. That's just how it goes. Whenever we've had a puppy in the house, I always say that they have to pee every 5 minutes, and it's usually true! Personally, I don't feel that limiting his water intake is a good move to make. You want to encourage your pup to drink, not discourage. The only time we take the water away with pups is like you said- around 7 at night. The good news is that he will pee less as he gets older, but for right now it's just one of those things that is part of the whole adorable package.

    As far as chewing on furniture, just make sure you always have something on hand to give him that he CAN chew on. If you take his mouth off the rug/furniture/etc and put a toy in it, he'll eventually make the connection that toys can be chewed on and your stuff not so much.

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    DefaultRe: Lots of puppy questions...

    There is a sticky at the top called "Our Best Advice." That has TONS of info you can use without spending a lot of time searching.
    Ditto that!

    Congrats on the new pup!

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