The tale of his tail....
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Thread: The tale of his tail....

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    DefaultThe tale of his tail....

    Stoops has a very non-standard lab tail... it's looong and has this nutty cork screw twist thing at the end.

    The color in this one is horrible, but it shows how the terminus of his tail has a mind of it's own (it's often kinked over like that):

    This one kind of the same (yes, snow shoe volleyball - we are kinda weird sometimes!):

    And lastly, look how long it is! And you can see how it kind of has the kink here too.

    But the part of the tale that matters is that we love him no matter what. Although he just attacked my best running shoes and I am not too happy about that!

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    DefaultRe: The tale of his tail....

    wow that does have a cork screw in the end!!! lol i think it's cute and he has such a great face.
    Looks like he is loving the snow shoe volleyball game!

    and about your shoes. I feel your pain though... Aidan got to my daughter's Uggz clogs..the ones with the wooden bottoms? couple dozen puppy teeth marks on them now :

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    DefaultRe: The tale of his tail....

    Wow, he is the spitting image of Frodo right down to his dark ears, so of course I think Stoops is just gorgeous. ;D


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