Class got started off today pretty interesting. Last week there was a lady with an Airedale who sat next to me. The terrier kept trying to stare Tal down so this week I went and sat on the other side of the room. Well, guess who wound up sitting next to

It wasn't for naught tho because the lady with the Pit didn't have her collar on right. The instructor saw the collar about to snap on the Pit and had just started to go there when the collar snapped. The Pit went after a GSD-x and it could have escalated very quickly. They separated them and it turned out ok. Our instructor reminded us again we MUST watch not only our own dog but the others as well. And the importance of a collar. I was almost stunned at how calm not only Tal was but most of the rest of the dogs as well.

They showed us how to use the prong collar today. I have to admit I had a whole different idea on them. Once our instructor explained the proper use of them it made perfect sense. This is to lead up to eventually discarding it and them be able to use a regular collar.

Another thing Tal did that totally stunned me was the alpha rollover. I got him in that position with relative ease. I really thought he would squirm too much to even attempt it. Actually I put him in it twice. I had to face away from the Airedale tho.

He is so tired now that he sacked out n the car on the way home, ate something when we got here and is snoozing away on my bed as I am on the computer. Whaddya know!