Fanny and space conception (maybe) - long- update at bottom -
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Thread: Fanny and space conception (maybe) - long- update at bottom -

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    DefaultFanny and space conception (maybe) - long- update at bottom -

    I am so blessed my dogs don't have many health problems besides Fanny's HD.

    No obstructions, growths, or anything unusual to worry about.

    Until tonight.

    I had some stuff stored in behind our bedroom door and decided to put it away at last. It was there for about a month. Fanny started that day, about 2 weeks ago to look behind the door every time she went through it and be very nervous.

    The layout is, our den leads into a kitchenette about 7 feet long into a hallway about 7.5 feet into our bedroom. The door to the patio is about 5 feet from the bedroom door. It has been this way for about 9 years, she has been here for 4 years. There has been no problem until I cleared the junk from behind the bedroom door. Teach me to clean! Dang guests.

    We were out tonight, as usual for a Friday, until about 9. When we came home we had the usual love fest greeting them, Fanny and Eddie, and I went to the patio door to take them both out to the backyard for a few minutes.

    Fanny would not leave the den which leads into the kitchenette. She hung her head sniffing and then started crying a little. So I went out with Eddie thinking she would follow me, where ever I go she goes. Nope.

    Me and Eddie came in after about 3 minutes and she was in the same place doing the same thing, hanging her head and barking and crying a little. Eventually, MIL, SU, Windsor, JJ, Eddie and I got her into the bedroom but she wasn't happy. Once she was in the bedroom we went out to the backyard and all she wanted to do was get a butt rub.

    It isn't often she and I are out there on our own but when we are she likes to play, not tonight. When we came in she got up on the bed and was very huggy huggy. Much more than usual.

    I treat her ears once a week because of taking her to the bark park and her going in the pond, so I do so and she doesn't complain tonight. Unusual.

    Okay, I decide to leave her on the bed, she isn't going to complain, and go and get something to eat. She decides to come out to the den and has to be encouraged to come through the kitchenette. Hanging her head and sniffing all the time. And when she does come she runs.

    We did have mice but she has always tried to catch them when they dared come into view but we have had no indications this winter at all. And why would she be scared of them? Now?

    Eddie isn't effected at all. Neither are the other two and they know something is going on but are keeping away. Which is weird.

    So tomorrow I am making an appintment with the vet, she is also due her rabies to make sure nothing is going on, serious or not.

    Has any one else seen anything like this with ther dogs? I am totally nonplussed. No clue at all.

    BTW, she is passed out cold on the couch right now...... as usual.........

    Maybe my floors need cleaning? LOL.


    There is something about the floor that is bothering her. I have trimmed the hair in between her toes, boy was it long, and clipped her nails, cleaned her teeth too but that has nothing to do with anything. We put a rug down in the kitchenette and she just walked right through it without hesitation. Still hesitating at the bedroom door. Doesn't matter what time of day, light or dark. So, still confused about what is different but we are figuring out how to help her.

    What's so weird is that these floors have been down for a couple if years and only now is she having a problem.

    I always knew she was a princess but never knew how much, - Mummy, can you carry me across the big, bad floor?

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    DefaultRe: Fanny and space conception (maybe) - long

    So what is it she is missing? The junk behind the door? What is different?

    If it's something that has changed, then yes, Angus gets a little freaked out when you move something on him. He doesn't like it when unfamiliar things (or even familiar things that he has just never noticed) pop up in his life. He's fine with going to strange places, but when something strange surfaces in his native environment, he gets majorly upset.

    We usually just don't acknowledge his nervousness, and it passes pretty quickly.

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    DefaultRe: Fanny and space conception (maybe) - long

    I don't remember who or the circumstances, but I remember reading here about a dog that suddenly developed unusual behavior like that. Don't you wish they could talk and tell you what's wrong?

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    DefaultRe: Fanny and space conception (maybe) - long

    Yes, I do! She isn't too bad today, we took the contents out of the cabinets and cleaned them and there were no bodies back there. whew! I think that the broom or dustpan in the closet with the furnace must have fallen down and it scared her. She isn't the nervous type at all though! so this is really surprising..

    As for the bedroom, the door slammed the other day and scared her silly so we think that's the problem there.

    The other 3 dogs aren't bothered! Thank goodness..............


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