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    I found this place online and noticed that if you order your ID tags from them, they will honor a lifetime guarantee!

    Our Unconditional Guarantee
    We strive to make each Pet ID Tag exactly as you order it. If your order has an error, just email us and tell us what's wrong. We'll gladly make new Pet ID Tags for you. Please include the name used in the delivery address.

    Love your Pets! pet tags are made to last a lifetime! If you ever become unhappy with your Pet ID Tags, just return them and tell us why. We'll send new ones to you at no charge. Please send them "Attn: Customer Service" for prompt attention.


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    DefaultRe: Lifetime Warranty ID Tags

    I recommend having a micro chip implanted by your Vet when you can. It is a tiny chip that is quickly injected under the skin at the back of the neck. This is a standard ID method now days and anytime a lost dog is found it is usually scanned to see if it has a chip. If so you are contacted. Ask your Vet for details.

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    DefaultRe: Lifetime Warranty ID Tags

    Great info!!

    Here is another good one. I have these for all my guys now and they are extremely durable and also have a lifetime guarantee.


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