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Thread: Funny and sad at the same time

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    Lately, I've noticed that Murray has been laying in Essy's crate in the evening. I thought it was because Essy is usually in Murray's bed so he just takes the empty bed in the crate but recently I've noticed he'll choose to lay in there even when Essy isn't in his bed. Does he like her bed better? Nope. I think I figured it out after last night's epsiode. If Murray is laying in his bed, Essy will climb in with him (she enjoys the cuddling). If Essy is laying in Murray's bed, he will go to the crate (he prefers to be alone). I think my previously only child, Murray, wants/needs some alone time now.

    Last night Essy was laying in Murray's bed so he laid down in her crate (her bed is in there until we go to bed and take it upstairs). A few minutes later I noticed that Essy got up, walked over to the crate and stuck her head inside. Murray looks up at her like "uh uh! No way!" Essy pauses for a moment then........she climbs in the crate with Murray anyway. It was so darn cute I had to smile. I had 160 lbs of Lab stuffed in 1 crate. Essy curled up really small in the corner behind Murray and laid her head on him. Awww...she just wanted to snuggle with him. Murray laid there for a few uncomfortable minutes then got up in a huff and laid down in his own bed with a heavy sigh. :

    I feel bad for both dogs. Essy was raised with a herd of Labs (12) so she's always had someone to cuddle up with and she craves it. She always wants to be petted, hugged, loved on. Murray was always an only child before Essy. He's never been a touchy feely dog anyway. I'm the only one he will "allow" to pet him and even then he'd prefer that I didn't. He likes to be touching me on his terms (he lays on my feet or against my side or with his head in my lap). He will allow me to rest my hand on him but he prefers that I don't stroke his fur. Essy climbs in my lap and wants to be held like a baby. She fell asleep on my lap while being held like this on the weekend.

    It's just so weird to see the different likes/dislikes.

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    DefaultRe: Funny and sad at the same time

    That really is funny, the differences between them. You paint such a vivid picture of their two distinct personalities.

    They sort of remind me of Angus and Simon. Angus was the only child too, and he also is not really a cuddler. Sometimes I can cop a feel ( ) when he is very sleepy, but if he is awake and alert and you move towards him to pet him, he backs away. :

    Simon, on the other hand, would live in your lap if he could. He adores being petted. Anything you want to do to him - trim the hair between his toes, clean his ears, clip his nails - it's all fine with him as long as someone is stroking him.

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    DefaultRe: Funny and sad at the same time

    Awwwwwwwwww, poor essy. That is so sweet I can just picture it!

    Aidan is my Essy...he prefers to be ON you, the more of his 60 pound, little pork chop butt on you the better, whereas Emma really only seeks affection on her terms and from my daughter and me. No one else. She is not a snuggler/cuddler, he is.

    It is amazing how different they are.

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    DefaultRe: Funny and sad at the same time

    How cute! I think it's adorable that they both have their 'ways'.
    WooT!<br /><br /><br />He made it too! <br />

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    DefaultRe: Funny and sad at the same time

    That's really sweet. The way you tell the story, I can really picture it. I wonder what it will be like for Theo when we get him a dog of his own. Sometimes he'll be cuddling on the couch with us (he's generally a pretty enthusiastic cuddler), and then get off with a big *sigh* and go upstairs onto out bed. We try not to take it personally!

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    DefaultRe: Funny and sad at the same time

    What a nice story. And it is amazing how different they can be.

    Fanny likes to be cuddled but won't lie on us too often. Eddie on the other hand will quite happily sit on my lap, or lie on me and be petted whenever we feel like it.

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    DefaultRe: Funny and sad at the same time

    You described the "cuddle" factor very well!


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