I'm helping with a lab transport.....
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Thread: I'm helping with a lab transport.....

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    DefaultI'm helping with a lab transport.....

    and I'm a little nervous.....There is a lab in Naples, Florida that needs to go to St. Pete..and I'm going about an hour south of my home to pick him up and bring him back up to my area so the new fosters can pick him up. He's a chocolate male who is HW+....they said they'll be giving him benadryl b/c he is hyper...I have hyper dogs too so i'm sure this is nothing to be concerned about. I'm really excited to help...but i'm sure it will be a bit sad at the same time even though I'm sure he's going to a great home and a better situation that what he has been facing.......

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    DefaultRe: I'm helping with a lab transport.....

    Very cool. That very nice you are doing that.

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    DefaultRe: I'm helping with a lab transport.....

    Do you have a crate you can take in the car. If he's hyper, a crate might be a good idea. Thanks for helping him out!

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    DefaultRe: I'm helping with a lab transport.....

    It does make you a little nervous, but it's exciting at the same time. I think you'll really enjoy doing this.

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