HELP! Why does she do this?! (lol)
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Thread: HELP! Why does she do this?! (lol)

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    DefaultHELP! Why does she do this?! (lol)

    If Abby is laying down, Molly will stand over top of her with her "girlie parts" in front of Abby's face until Abby moves.

    Is it a dominance thing, or what's the deal?! It drives my parents nuts and it just flat out baffles me.
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: HELP! Why does she do this?! (lol)

    I do believe it is a dominant display. Sometimes when Duke is laying down Freckles will pass by and try to SIT on Duke's head. Duke allows Freckles to think he is the big cheese because Duke is to nice to complain but every now and then Freckles pushes him a bit too far and Duke grabs him by the neck and puts him on his back. Freckles lies there frozen in disbelief and when Duke lets him up he trots off in a huff. Two minutes later they are back to chewing on each other as usual.


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