Yay! Desi loves her crate. I got it at Wal-mart--one of the wire ones, half the price they are at Petsmart. It was only $70!! (Yay me!) She must have been crate-trained becuase when I set it up she climbed in and slept like a baby for about 2 hours. She's in it now, door open, chewing on her kong. Never had a crate-trained dog before...well, Molly the Newfie was as a puppy, but by the time she was about 3 months old it was ridiculous. (at 8 weeks she weighed 25 pounds.) I left her (Desi) alone in the house to get the mail the other day--there was much whining and scratching at the door. Maybe becuase she got dumped at the pound she has abandonment issues???
I'm very proud of me, and Desi. ;D