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    Well, since I am working more hours (had 15 hours a week and now working 27 a week), I haven't had as much time with Rascal as I would like. Before I could come home and play with him for an hour during my lunch break. Just our one on one time I liked to call it. With me working five/seven hours a day I don't get that one on one time with him during the week.(kids/hubby are home when I get home)

    So, I was telling a friend of mine (who happens to have a 1 1/2 year old lab mix named Jake) that I felt so bad that I didn't have the time with Rascal like I use to. She was like, "You know...I don't have school(she is in college) M,W,F and Jake and I would LOVE to have Rascal come over those days to play. I told her that we would LOVE doing that and asked how much she would charge a week. She told me absolutly NOTHING. Although she isn't charging me to bring Rascal over, I am going to make "donations" here and there for allowing him to come over those days to play.

    This morning I took Rascal on over for his first play date. When we walked up to the door Jake started barking.(of course) This scared Rascal a bit and he tried to walk back to the truck. I reassured him that everything was alright, and that mom(that's me) knew this dog and he was a very friendly guy. So we walk in and of course they have to do the "sniff the butt dance". Around in circles they went greeting each others rumps. We weren't even there three minutes and the two were jumping around playing like they have known eachother their entire lives. I am planning on taking the camera when I pick him up. (didn't have time this morning) I will post pics soon of the two. I know he is gonna sleep so good tonight. (Jake too) My friend told me too that her and her husband just might not let him come home tonight. The four of them (her/her dh/Jake/and Rascal) were having a blast and they had just fallen in love with him. I am so glad he is having a good time.

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    DefaultRe: Rascal's first play date

    Good luck on your first day Rascal!
    I hate having to work during the day too, but make up for that with doggie daycare days.
    I think their best exercise can be while playing with other dogs; I know Bailey's worn out after daycare or the dog park.
    Good luck on his new play dates, sound like they will be great for you & Rascal.


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