Petey is in deep trouble
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Thread: Petey is in deep trouble

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    DefaultPetey is in deep trouble

    We have gone months of him not marking inside the house. Yesterday, I was downstairs switching the laundry. Indi and Petey had joined me and they were happily playing while I was working.

    Well, I hear this crinkling and I look back only to see Petey against the furnace, leg lifted and gettign ready to pee. I yelled in my high pitched yelping voice," What do you think your doing?!" He dropped his leg and ran. I followed him upstairs and put him right outside telling him in a stern voice, "You go outside."

    When I got back down I went to check the furnace and found that he hadn't started peeing yet. My shrill voice must have scared the pee right back into his bladder because he didn't mark. ;D He was lucky, I might have grounded him from treats if he had. I did get all paranoid and I wiped the furnace down just in case and then I had to check the pilot light because Petey might have marked there earlier.

    Boy was I mad. The crinkling noise was him rubbing his leg against one of the stickers that was slightly peeled off. Maybe the shrill voice does work. ;D He hasn't done it in months so I think he was trying to show Indi just how tough he was. It was right in the middle of a round of bitey face and he was losing. She followed him up the stairs, a huge smile on her face, biting his butt the whole way. Kind of to say," ha ha, your in big @#$#."

    He was all sorry when he got back into the house. I don't know if the snip snip will stop him from marking inside but it's worth the try. LOL.

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    DefaultRe: Petey is in deep trouble

    LOL; he was pissed he got outdone in bitey face!

    My boys are snipped; the one who marks wasn't snipped until he was 5. He is a lot better now ... when I saw him do it, I did exactly as you did ... acted like the earth had trembled. I still see him snif now and then and now all I say is "jake, don't even think about it" ....


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