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Thread: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    I am so sorry to hear this.....your heart must be breaking :'( i do not have first hand experience with chemo but I have had to make the heartbreaking decision that you are facing. Only you will know what is right for Tank and your family.

    I pray that Tank doesn't have any pain and is surrounded by his loving family.



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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    I think we all know how much you and your DH love that boy. We know he is your everything. Texas Tank has surely been loved in his life and he knows it, too.
    I've been thinking of Tank off and on all day. Only you can decide when he has had enough.
    I think you must have a feeling as to what to do. What is best for him. And as Laura told me to do with our 14 year old, ask the dog to let you know. As crazy as that may seem to people, they really will tell you.
    You will be in my prayers through this terrible time. Please give Tank a big hug from us.

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    Sandie, truly your heart will know the right decision.

    I can tell about about the experience I have had and my family. My sisters dog had lymphatic cancer, and he responded very well to Chemo. He wasn't sick although he did slow down. By the end of his treatment you could see the cancer was back and his other organs started to shut down. there are additional meds you can give to help alleviate the symptoms and she did that. Basil got 6 months with his family after initial diagnosis and it was important to Basil and my sister that he had one last holiday with them and got some more time to sit in his garden with his family.

    My mothers chow had a malignant tumor at the back of his tongue. My mother made the decision to treat aggressively and to that end Toby had 3 surgeries and 2 rounds of chemo. He tolerated all of that well although there was some hair loss and the tumor came back faster and bigger every time. He had 18 mos from initial diagnosis, and it was I think important to him as well as my mother to have that time.

    Personally I have treated and not treated and second guessed myself every time, there will be a tremendous amount of grief whatever you do. Feel free to PM me if you want to know more

    every dog is and every cancer is different. you truly do just have to listen to your heart.

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    Hi, Sandie . . . please give Tankie a squeeze from me and a play bow from Perris. . .

    If I were in your shoes with Perris, I believe I would not go the chemo route. I so would not want her to be sick from that. I would take the time I would have with Perris and make the best of it.

    That being said, if with chemo we stood a significantly good chance of knocking out the cancer, then I'd think more seriously about it.

    I'd also ask myself, "What would Perris want?" I know her preference would be to be with her family and loved on and given treats until she took her last breath.

    Prayers for you and the SU and Tankie as you wrestle with this. I hope your work is supportive and will allow you some time off . . .

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    Aw Sandie, I can't even imagine being in your position right now.
    Between what you're going through right now, and reading Connie's post-I'm a mess.
    But as others have said (and it's so true), go with your heart.
    I can say what I'd do now, but if it was really happening, I don't know if I could say the same.
    We're thinking about you guys.

    Kim & Crew

    Beautiful BC, Canada
    JL Member since July 1, 2002

    Fear Nothing. Live for Everything.

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    when hunter was diagnosed with bone cancer in his front leg, we opted for no amputation and no chemo. for us and for hunter, i think we made the right decision. he was on pain meds until the end, so as far as we could tell, he was comfortable and pain free. when he looked or acted unwell, we got him new meds, which seemed to help. some days were better than others, and he gave us a scare from time to time. while i dreaded having to make the final decision to say goodbye, one day he just crashed and passed away on his own. the night before he was more full of life than he had been in a while. the next day was his last day with us, and although we knew for several months that he was not long for this world, we were totally unprepared to say goodbye when the time came. when he did pass away, aside from the grief and sadness in losing him, we were glad that he could finally be at peace and run free at the bridge.

    hunter's story isn't intended for you to decide what to do for tank. i wanted to share, because like others here who have said likewise, you are not alone.

    talk with your family. listen to your heart, but also think with your head. my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your tankie boy.

    "Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend." ~ Corey Ford

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    I don't really know what to say, I lost my good friend Midnite in 2002, he had a heart attack and died in my arms at the vets. It will still bring tears to my eyes to think about him and what we went through together, good and bad.

    I will say this if it were me, and I mean me and not my dog, I am not sure in many of the types of cancer I would go through it myself, I would just enjoy what I had left as good as I could. Quality of life is important to people and dogs both. I lost two family members last year that might have had their lives prolonged, but with no real quality, my Dad decided he didn't want the EMT's in and passed at home and my step-MIL when her kidneys failed decided the bedsores and not being even able to walk was to much and refused to go on dialisit when here kidneys failed. I respect both for what they decided, but still miss them.

    I'd say if it will make that handsome boy feel better for a while, do it. If it will only reduce his quality, I'd say I would not do it. But I would never give up hope till there was no hope stranger things have happened, just that hope will make things a slight bit easier. But in the end, do what you feel right with.

    And again I am so sorry. :'(

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    Sandie - I’m very sorry you’ve gotten this diagnosis.

    I lost my first lab, Punkin, to hermangiosarcoma. In her case I decided not to do chemo. Some of the things that influenced my decision were:
    1. The cancer had already spread from her spleen to lungs and liver. Even if the chemo had been effective, we’d only have been looking at 3-6 months survival time.
    2. Her age: she was 13 ½.
    3. Her personality: she tended to take things very seriously and personally. She’d had other medical procedures in the past and she just didn’t tolerate or bounce back from adversity very well.
    4. Cost was a consideration although if any of the above factors had been more favorable, I’d have found the money somewhere.

    I lost my girl about a week and a half after her diagnosis. She did bleed out from one of her tumors. It was very quick and I think not too painful. She rapidly lost consciousness and died quietly at home with me holding her. It was a hard decision and remembering it still brings tears to my eyes 17 years later but I think I did the right thing for her.

    I don’t know if this is any help to you. You’re the one who knows Tank best: how much of a fighter he is, how he handles pain, even how much spark is still in his eye. I think if you keep those things in mind, you’ll make whatever decision is right for him.

    You and Tank will be in my thoughts.

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)

    I just dont think after all Tank has been thru I could put him thru anymore medical treatments that may only prolong his life a few months no matter what any of the doctors say each dog may handle it differently I'm so very sorry you are faced with this I would just want to enjoy each day he has left as others have said you will go with your heart God Bless

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    DefaultRe: Poll - If It Were You What Would You Do? (Revised information)


    I don't know what I would do I am in tears here just thinking about you and Tankie.

    You don't know how much my heart aches for you while you make this decision. You will make the right one as your gut and Tank will guide you. I think I would be reluctant to do chemo as I have seen how sick it makes humans but you say they don't give as much so dogs aren't sick. Therefore I might try one round and see how he handles it and then decide whether to continue.

    Know, you, Tank and Miss Chia are in my prayers.

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