New to Spring Coat care... wow
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Thread: New to Spring Coat care... wow

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    DefaultNew to Spring Coat care... wow

    We are surrently homing an incredible lab (6-12 months old, vet won't get more specific) and I want to be sure I am 'doing it right'. if I don't get to be his forever home, then I want to be sure I am doing the best for someone else's best bud.

    We have a ShedEnder comb that pulls the undercoat from a dog. While I was assuming it was only the DEAD coat combing out, I am not completely sure. My understanding is that labs need this undercoat to help stay cool, and here is Dallas he will need all the help he can get. Would this comb remove what should stay, as well as the dead hair?

    It is normal for his coat to have turned a slightly bronzed color, mostly along his sides and edges of his head? Short, single white hairs have shown up on his head about the same time. We have had him since April 1, so I do'nt have any other weather to compare with.

    His coat is amazingly shiny, but I have started seeing little flakes along his back, now that I started brushing him out. He gets high quality food (Avoderm; no gluten, corn, wheat, beef), but was chewing on rawhides for the past two weeks. He gets NO baths (water rinses only) and he hopefully has not been drinking out of the chlorinated pool. Been trying to keep my eye on that, and that is an 'off limit' area he hasn't fussed over. I can't think of anything else in his environment that would be causing the discoloration or flakes.

    Sorry so long, but I thought these things were probably all inter-related, so I sould keep them together. Does Bo need me to do something else, or is this the normal Spring routine?

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    Most of us use ZoomGrooms (the pink one). It gets out the dead coat without taking the topcoat with it. I've found with the shedding combs or Furminators that they tend to take out too much coat, though I've used a dog Furminator on my horse.

    Most pet shops/pet supply stores carry a ZoomGroom.


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    I 2nd the zoomgroom. It's awesome.
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    I use a furminator once a week. Regular brush in between. My lab gets the "white flakes" as well - looks like dandruff. Saba's from dry skin. I add a few drops of omega 3 or fish oil to his food once a day and after about a week it helped (you can get it at any pet store).

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