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Thread: Bolting to see other dogs

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    Lately Rocky has been taking off in the park to see/greet/play with any dog that happens to come into the park. He only does this with dogs not people. He always sticks around me and comes when asked by voice or whistle unless there's another dog involved. Lately I've been keeping the leash on him but I hate doing that as I like to allow him free roam in the park. I was thinking of putting him on a 50' check cord and reel him in if he decides to take off. Do you think this behaviour will stop once he's neutered? Is he testing me? He'll be a year Jan. 22.

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    This is a training issue, not an intact dog issue...not that he shouldn't be neutered You could let him drag a long line if you'd like, but it sounds like he simply needs more recall work in a less stimulating environment. I'd start in an obedience class.

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    Yes I agree with nicole, BUT you could train him to respond to your voice in that setting perhaps by using a longish flexi lead and treats. You just want to be sure he resonds 100% of the time, or this could be a dangerous situation!


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