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    jmburton Guest

    DefaultBIG news!

    i had to find shady a better home and i think she's much happier with them. she has two other friends(black labs) to run around a huge lot of land the couple owns, they say the dogs run free most of the day and the property is fenced with chicken wire at the bottom to keep the dogs from going off the property, they have horses and cows so i think she's gonna have a blast cow tipping.. i had reasons to let her go onto something better suited for her with a family that demanded less than i did..

    of course shadow wouldnt be complete without a friend so i went to the pound tonight and fell in love..

    he's a lab mix and they don't know with what, he's such a good dog so far, and very big desire to please . he's been in the klink for a month now and he's a bit soft , as they don't get to excercise there. he's a retrieving fool out the box and thats what i needed strong retriever. gonna make a fine hunting dog . and great addition to the family.. he's 6 months old and i think he's gonna get bigger than shadow .q

    he's submissive to shadow so far

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    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    I cannot beleive you dumped that dog off,then went to THE POUND to find an "out of the box" retreiver...seriously wtf?? :

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    Mybabymambo Guest

    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    He is really cute. I love the second picture.

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    Der is offline
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    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    What happened with Shady? Did you re-home her because she wasn't retrieving enough? What steps did you take to train her? Don't know if you talked to Cappy on here, but he's a big hunter and probably a great resource. I've actually edited my post about three times because I can't stop thinking about this and am hoping I'm missing something. Is this a joke (I guess doubtful since you have pics of another dog)?

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    The Texas Tank is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    absolutely no comment here
    Sandie, Tank 5/25/1998 - 07/08/2011, Orson & Sully

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    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    You seemed to give up on Shady awfully quick. She's just a baby!
    What's to say you won't do the same with the new one if he turns out to be not what you want?

    She's running free and "tipping cows"? I live on a farm, and trust me..the last thing I want my dogs to do is "tip cows". Any dog on our property chasing our livestock is dealt with. And I'm an animal lover. Doesn't sound like she'll be getting much training or attention at all.

    I hope for Shady's sake she has a good life and gets the love and attention she deserves.

    And I'm done.

    Kim & Crew

    Beautiful BC, Canada
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    Fear Nothing. Live for Everything.

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    boonesmom Guest

    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    that is a bunch of crap !!! sorry but i had to say that. i only hope that the dog you got rid of has a better life than the one she had with you !!! >

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    hark67 is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    You got to be kidding, right? I hope you dont have to rehome you son with a "family that demands less" from him than you do.

    Missing you, my friend.
    Huckle 1/9/1992 - 4/25/2006

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    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!! How irresponsible can you be. I would love to know what shelter you adopted the new dog from. I am sure that you failed to mention that you just gave up your other dog when you were adopting this one. I don't know of any shelter in my area that would have knowingly placed a pet in a home where you just get rid of them so easily. I am sorry to be mean but I don't think you deserve to own any dog!!!! >

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    DefaultRe: BIG news!

    I'm speechless.....

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