Post birthday stress? Or something else?
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Thread: Post birthday stress? Or something else?

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    DefaultPost birthday stress? Or something else?

    Sam was coughing quite a bit this morning when he got up.
    It subsided after he was up and moving around-but it was a very dry hacking cough.

    Sammy does have a leaky heart valve, but our old vet said it didn't look like anything to be concerned about for now. But one of the symptoms he said to look out for was coughing when getting up after resting.

    He hasn't done it since this morning (and he just had a little nap), so I'm wondering if I should call and at least mention this to our new vet and see what he says.

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    DefaultRe: Post birthday stress? Or something else?

    I would mention it if it gets to be a normal thing for him.

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    DefaultRe: Post birthday stress? Or something else?

    I'd mention it, better safe than sorry.

    Our Windsor,(Shih Tzu) has a heart murmur which didn't bother him for years and now, we have him on medication because (1) he is 10 and (2) he got a little cough which got him to the vet and on medication. He barks for it every time, methinks it is the liverwurst he gets it in that he barks for............

    Good luck!


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