Thanks Secret Santa Angus and Simon!
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Thread: Thanks Secret Santa Angus and Simon!

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    DefaultThanks Secret Santa Angus and Simon!

    Hey guys!

    Sorry for the late pictures, but mom was real slow about posting them up! Technology novice and she had to wait for my human sister, Emily, came home.

    Here they are! The presents are here!

    They're all mine, right?

    C'mon, let's open them!

    We're IN!

    My big bro sticking his nose in...

    Mom helping divvy up the goodies!

    That red one is mine! I got dibs!

    Moe being directed to the gifts.

    What else is there?

    Here are our presents!!

    Moe's more interested in the box the presents came in! His loss.....they're mine!!

    Thanks to our Secret Santas! WE love our gifts!!!

    A side note:
    Sadly, Moe crossed the rainbow bridge three days after Christmas. He will be missed dearly.


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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: Thanks Secret Santa Angus and Simon!

    Great gifts!

    So sorry to hear about your loss. Run free Moe

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    DefaultRe: Thanks Secret Santa Angus and Simon!

    Oh, thank you for posting the pictures. But I am so, so sorry to hear about Moe. :'( He looks so sweet in his photos. They are both such beautiful boys. I know you will miss him very much - it is clear to see how loved and special he was.

    I hope that you and Max and the rest of your family are doing well.

    Connie and "The Boys":
    Angus, Yellow Lab, CGC, RE, CD
    Simon, d.b.a. Flat Coated Retriever, CGC, RE, CD

    Gone ahead, but forever in my heart:
    Crash, Pit Bull x Rottweiler x Golden Retriever

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    DefaultRe: Thanks Secret Santa Angus and Simon!

    Great pictures. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Moe looked very sweet. I love spaniels.

    God speed Moe.


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