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    Mybabymambo Guest

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    Last night we has just crawled in bed, It was late and I was home by myself. I thought I seen a flash of light through bathroom window, which kinda made me nervous. But I figured I was scarying myself. well Mambo started growling, nothing was there. But he kept at it. He didnt get up. Didnt move from my side. I blew it off and went to sleep. When I rolled over and went to sleep he just went to sleep. Nothing else from hi m

    So I am thinking did he react to my reaction?Did he sense I was nervous and growled. Wierd.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: last night

    It could be that he felt you get scared and wanted to warn whatever scared you to back off.
    Dakota will sit up to any noise she hears when I am in here and its "after dark".. neither maggie or dakota have done anything when I felt weird. I can say I have never felt scared having 2 very large dogs in the same room with me. I know they would get to who ever it was before they could get to me. Dakota out of being happy to see someone Maggie out of not wantting anyone near me..

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    Mybabymambo Guest

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    He will for sure act if he has seen something or heard something. But there was nothing. I didnt even react. I was just thinking. I thought it was odd

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: last night

    Maybe he can read your mind ;D

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    DefaultRe: last night

    The other night both Bob and Darla lifted their heads at the same time then Darla jumped off the bed and ran to the window, almost going through it. I looked and couldn't see anything so went downstairs and put floodlights on. As it turned out there was a rabbit by the front steps. I don't know how they hear and see those things but based on the reactions that night I was expecting Hells Angels to be in my driveway.

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    Mybabymambo Guest

    DefaultRe: last night

    I am sure Mambo heard something I didnt. How the heck did they hear a rabbit. Rabits arent noisey


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