Cinder is dreaming
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    I swear if I didn't know better I'd think she was laughing. I'm doing paper work and looking at JL of course, and she is on her bed. She's dreaming and keeps making these noises that sound almost like she's laughing! ;D Glad she's having a good dream. I'm used to the running dreams, but the laughing got me! How about your labbys?

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    DefaultRe: Cinder is dreaming

    Rocket was sleeping on the bed next to my SO two nights ago. SO came out of the bedroom laughing. Said Rocket was woofing and "mrlmfrwilnfrmal -ing" in his sleep. Sounded like Rocket was having a real good time. Music to our ears.

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    DefaultRe: Cinder is dreaming

    Sounds like Cinder is having a really good dream! Brigetta had a running dream last night, I love watching her little paws go!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Cinder is dreaming

    Its so funny you mention this.. Last night we were laying in bed watching a movie and all of a sudden Gracie was wagging her tail. I thought she might have seen something, or her reflection in the window as she was laying towards the window but she was out cold! It was so cute, she did it on and off for a few minutes. I have seen a million dreams where she is running, but never where she was waging her tail It almost looked like she was smiling too ;D


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