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    I posted a few days back about Maddie's ears. The ends were seeming to fall apart like a dandelion tufts. We went to the vet yesterday and she thinks that Maddie either has hypothyroidism or vasculitis. She received blood tests for hypothyroidism. Maddie is 22.5 at the withers and is 64.7 pounds. I try to keep her lean since we compete in dog agility and I don't want to stress her joints.

    Other news, my black lab Gibson went with us to the vet appointment. We noticed that he had a cut on his foot and wanted to have it checked out. We also were taking him in for a follow up due to his low weight. He is only 59 pounds and is about an inch taller than Maddie at the withers. Last vet visit we ran a blood panel and there was some concern regarding his kidneys. The vet told me to feed him extra meals a day, add an enzyme to his food and check back in several months. We met with a different vet today. He has only gained two pounds. She said that his kidney readings from last time could signify that he is entering kidney failure. We took a whole new blood panel on him and will have to wait for the results until Friday.

    Please if you know anything about hypothroidism, vasculitis, or kidney failure would you please give me any info you are willing to share.

    A side note, both of these dogs are from the same breeder. I got them before I knew what a good breeder was. The vet has told me that she has scores of labs from this breeder with severe physical problems. Some of his dogs are actually showing up with MS. If you have any good thoughts to spare I would appriciate it. I am worried sick.

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    DefaultRe: Remember my funny ear post.....(long)

    Sorry, I can't offer you any knowledge on those things, but I do want to give you good thoughts for your babies! I pray both of them are healthy as quick as possible!

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    DefaultRe: Remember my funny ear post.....(long)

    I'm sorry to hear of the troubles you are having. There is a lot of information on the internet re kidney failure. Our last dog had it, and it was advanced before we knew it, and there was nothing we could do that helped. had to have her put to sleep. But I read that if you catch it early, there are things that can be done to help and to slow it down. Best thoughts to you on this!


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    DefaultRe: Remember my funny ear post.....(long)

    No advice here, but good thoughts headed your way.
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