Got back from vacation, now my 1 year old "Humps" me ...why?
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Thread: Got back from vacation, now my 1 year old "Humps" me ...why?

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    DefaultGot back from vacation, now my 1 year old "Humps" me ...why?

    ??? BEAR never humped me before, even clothes I just got from dry cleaner he seems to sniff and then get excited about daddy!!!

    We got him from a breeder who made us sign paper work NOT TO NUETER because his grandfather was a model, and he looks to be one as well, so I'm sure this may contribute.

    Any remarks, answers or ideas are welcome....

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    DefaultRe: Got back from vacation, now my 1 year old "Humps" me ...why?

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm confused. You bought him on an open registration as a show prospect? Do you co-own him with the breeder? Unless you intend to show him and title him in conformation, or you have specific working needs (many field trialers prefer the personalities and drive of intact males), neutering him might be a very good idea. It may or may not have an effect on the humping.

    As for why he's doing it, it's hard to say. Sexual maturity, dominance, generalized excitement are all reasons for humping. Regardless, the recommendations are pretty much the same. Make sure he is getting plenty of training and exercise every day. Are you in obedience classes? If not, sign up for one. Also teach him to respect your space.

    Teach him that jumping up on humans is not acceptable. If he starts to jump on you, say nothing but quickly tether him or put him in another room and ignore him. (You don't need to be physically punishing, just put him somewhere where he can't get to you or anything else interesting for a minute or so.) Then return to him and ask him for a more appropriate behavior, like a polite sit. When he complies, REWARD generously. He thus is learning that humping is not the way to get your attention; polite behavior is.

    P.S. If this started happening after you got back from vacation, it makes me wonder if he was seriously understimulated while you were away, or if it's some kind of separation issue. Where was he while you were away?

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    DefaultRe: Got back from vacation, now my 1 year old "Humps" me ...why?

    I have a long-time dogwalking client, a well-behaved, sweet-as-pie newfoundland, that I've been walking for nearly 2 years now. When I came back last Wednesday after 2 weeks off for xmas holidays, Crosby was so thrilled to see me again he started air-humping. He'd never done it before, nor has he done it since.

    Sometimes its just excitement, nothing more.


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