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    DefaultSharon (Wigwag)

    Clint looks larger than life to me, compared to my two little guys. How much does he weigh? I think I remember you posting once that he's only like 80 pounds or something?

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    DefaultRe: Sharon (Wigwag)

    I hope Sharon doesn't mind me stepping in here.

    His weight is listed on his webpage at

    I saw him on the spotlight this month and looked all over your site again over the weekend (that's how I knew that his weight was listed there). Very nice.

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    DefaultRe: Sharon (Wigwag)

    I have been lucky enough to have met Clint in person and was surprised that he isn't a big as he appears in Sharon's photos.

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    DefaultRe: Sharon (Wigwag)

    Yah, it's funny how they aren't as big as they appear in photos. Not that I have seen Clint in person or anything.

    Just relating to what mollyrock said. Buck looks bigger and serious and mature in all his photos. In real life he is small and is pretty much the epitomy(sp?) of what can be described as a goofy looking lab :P
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    DefaultRe: Sharon (Wigwag)

    No he's not a giant guy. He's about 23 3/4" tall so he's average height and weighs 96 lbs right now. He is on the slightly larger side when compared to other show boys.

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    DefaultRe: Sharon (Wigwag)

    He is so beautiful Sharon!

    I love black labs!


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