Value of Checking for Tics
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Thread: Value of Checking for Tics

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    DefaultValue of Checking for Tics

    There is a field near the college close to the baseball diamond that I have been taking Tal and Barney to recently. Of course, I use the Frontline Plus, but I check them anyway. It is so hard because of the black coat. The Frontline must be working because I found one on Barney's nose. Poor tic, was no longer with us. And one was on my leg too. Still, makes me glad I check them right before we get into the car to come home.

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    Eww eww eww! They are so gross! Glad to hear that tick is no longer with us. I should douse myself in Revolution after I give Phoebe her treatment.
    Becca & Phoebe

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    Icky icky!!

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