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    DefaultMulch for Mud

    Happy New Year to all my friends at the board.I just read an article that putting down mulch along a fence where your dog has made a lot mud will help the problem. Now something tells me that I heard ( maybe onthis board) that if your dog eats it( which mine definately will) they will get very sick. I know I tried straw and my Lab ate it and it made her bad diarreha.Please help as my yard is a pileof mud and so is my dog when she comes in.

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    DefaultRe: Mulch for Mud

    I use mulch and I've never had a problem with them eating it.

    Pine straw would work well also. *edited* you said you tried straw...maybe dead leaves that you've raked?

    Maybe others have better suggestions or input.

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    DefaultRe: Mulch for Mud

    Mine will eat mulch - and those that don't eat it will carry it around and redistribute it for me.
    We have a spot near our back door that is getting a bit bare in places and so hubby decided to mulch it even after I warned him that the piggies would think that mulch is either a great new treat or a wonderful new toy.

    Now I spend a large portion of my at-home time telling the monsters to "leave it" or picking pieces up from my floor. Bella will bring it in the house - 1 piece at a time, hidden in her mouth and deposit them on her dog bed or lay down and shred a small peice of mulch into teeny tiny pieces of mulch. Loads of fun for me.

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    DefaultRe: Mulch for Mud

    I have used bales of bedding straw. My two don't eat it but they do like to distribute it. I had 4 bales stacked in the yard and after playing "king of the hill", they broke the bales on me.

    I have mud everywhere and it's hard to keep up with it. :P
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    DefaultRe: Mulch for Mud

    There is a mulch that has cocoa bean shells in it that IS poisonous to dogs. Just make sure the one you are using does not have them in it and I think you'll be fine.


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