Bailey and Joe at the park (vid)
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    We got out before it began to rain, and the boys had a grand time in the park. Bailey only gets to play off leash for a couple minutes while we walk through, but he absolutely loves it. They've had a very good day really, this morning Joe was helping with training and got Bailey to lay down, and he has learned that if he doesn't pull his hand away and worry about getting bitten when giving a reward, the pup stays calm and takes it nicely. He's been saying 'Bailey is my best friend!' all day, and how much he loves his dog. Of course, I ended up annoyed at one point, when some woman who doesn't seem to 'get' why we train dogs to do what we want them to decided to undermine everything I was telling Bailey. He gets excited and barks when he sees people, and we've been working hard with him to curb this. I had him sitting fairly quietly (for Bailey!) and not barking, and this woman starts winding him up and telling him to talk to her, and use his voice etc, etc. I was like 'I'm sorry, but we do NOT encourage him to bark at strangers OR to jump!' but she kept on doing it so we just left. He calmed down again, but that was well out of order I thought. I tried telling her nicely that yes, a dog should be allowed to be a dog, but that dog is also living in a human world and needs to have some manners. She was still making that 'kissey' noise at him as we left, trying to keep his attention. Still, that was just a short time in an otherwise very nice day, and I can't get over how close the boys are getting as Joe learns how to deal with behavior that he doesn't like. They're going to be very close for a very long time, I reckon!

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    Very sweet!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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