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    Defaulthow long

    Napoleon is 14 months old and I been told he can still grow some in height and will fill out more. Is he dne growing or will he gain little more height and fill out. thanks

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    DefaultRe: how long

    At 14 months he is most likely done growing. He will, however, continue to fill out, although this also depends on his lines. Show type dogs tend to fill out more than pet or field bred ones.

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    I am certainly no expert but with our Tucker, he was at his full height at 1 year and really filled out by his second birthday. My girlfriend had not seen him since about 1.5 years and saw him a few weeks ago (he was 2 in Nov.) and could not believe the change in him, she kept saying 'Ohmygod Tucker ... you're a ... DOG now!' lol He was 68lbs in March and is now 75lbs.


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