Thank You Secret Santa!! (lots of pics!)
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Thread: Thank You Secret Santa!! (lots of pics!)

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    DefaultThank You Secret Santa!! (lots of pics!)

    Our packaged arrived the day after Christmas and I let the labbies open it before I left for DC....then I got down here and forgot to grab my memory card reader. I went to Circuit City to get another one because I was so excited to put these pictures up

    Anyways, the labbies want to send a big Thank You to Ender Bender for being such a great secret santa!
    Mom, can you please quit turturing us and help open this box?

    Wow, is this all for me?

    I never had a toy that looks like this...and it make a noise I have never heard before as well. This toy is mine! I think I can share the other ones with you, Hope.

    Yummy, treats!

    I can't believe I received all these toys in this box.

    Thank you Ender, you are the best secret santa ever. You really hooked me and my sisters up!

    My mommy enjoyed the chocolates too!

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    DefaultRe: Thank You Secret Santa!! (lots of pics!)

    Eeek! I missed this post somehow!

    Glad you enjoyed the package, it was great fun getting all the things together


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