In Peru and the girls....
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Thread: In Peru and the girls....

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    DefaultIn Peru and the girls....

    are doing just fine. I have been calling home almost every day at night or morning. My aunt says Bear is sad but she is eating just fine, she lies at the door looking at the gate waiting for me.... My aunt is taking them to walk to the park at the end of the block in the morning and in the afternoon. She is pretty amazed at how smart Bear is, because considering I never speak spanish to Bear, she understands when my aunt says to her daughter in spanish: "Hellen, vamos ya!" (Hellen, Lets go now!), Bear start getting excited and looking at them and at the backpack. She is my angel.

    And Bunny, well... she is the fangless Bunny ;D All her fangs are gone and new ones already half way out (I could rescue one of her fangs). She is the one keeping Bear happy, because she initiates the playing sessions. I told her to take care of Bear, when I left and I guess she knew what I was telling her. : My aunt said it was funny to see Bunny eat the piece of raw meat and bone, she had a hard time with the meat (as she has no fangs)

    Well, I'm in Cusco right now and going to Machu Picchu tomorrow. My husband had to work yesterday and the day before, but it was still pretty cool.

    My mom and my sister are going to replace my aunt on from the 31st to the 2nd and I bet Bear will love that, as she already knows my sister pretty well.

    I will post pictures when I get back home. Just wanted you to know the girls are doing fine

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    DefaultRe: In Peru and the girls....

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying Peru and that Bear and Bunny are doing well. Just think you'll have a bilingual dog shortly.

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