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Thread: Booties?

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    Can anyone recommend a good brand of booties?

    I have 3 labs and invariably one of them has an injured paw. The latest dog on the injured reserve list is Sadie, who really sliced her front paw this week while running in the snow. Something sharp nailed her pretty good...the cut is deep and actually between the pads. It's healing well, but it needs to be protected for a while.

    I have a few booties that seem to stay in place on the other dogs, but Sadie is young and runs through the trees/snow/mtns with the sense of wild abandon that you would all recognize. The booties I've tried just don't stay in place for long and I'm constantly readjusting them for her.

    It's tough to keep her exuberance in check while she heals.

    Any recommendations??

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    DefaultRe: Booties?

    We have muttlucks, but I do have to adjust.
    It came in handy when Zoe had paw surgery; however, she figured out how to take the velcro off and remove the muttluck. :
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    DefaultRe: Booties?

    I've used baby booties with the no skid on them with velcro before. It guess it depends. This wasn't a lab it was a boxer.

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    DefaultRe: Booties?

    I got THESE from REI.


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