I feel so bad...
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Thread: I feel so bad...

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    DefaultI feel so bad...

    Well, my original post is in training tips and advice forum.
    But this is what happened.

    Last night, my older dog, Coco attacked the puppy.
    Really really bad. She was going for it. If my husband wasn't around
    to ply open Coco's mouth to let ZsaZsa free, I don't know if ZsaZsa would be alive today.

    We took her to the emergency vet, and they stapled her big cut on her forehead.
    She also has a big puncture wound on her other cheek.

    Ay.. I feel so bad that I caused all this by not treating the dogs the right way.

    Here are some of the things I learned so far...

    1. I let the puppy on the couch where Coco is not allowed on.
    Coco is not really interested in being on the couch, so I though this won't be a problem. Well, I was wrong. Letting the lower ranking dog on the higher off the ground was a no-no, I guess...

    2. I made Coco slept on the floor while ZsaZsa was sleeping on the bed with us. Coco used to sleep on the bed with us, but two adults and two dogs was little too much for the queen size bed, so we let the baby sleep on the bed and bought a dog bed on the floor for Coco.

    3. I was holding nyla bone for ZsaZsa when attack happened. Coco felt that ZsaZsa was getting all the affection/attention and felt threaten enough to attack and try to eliminate ZsaZsa.

    Well, I already have two names for dog behaviour specialist (thank you kaytris) so I can be educated and correct
    MY behaviour so I can treat these dogs the right way.

    I feel SOOOO bad every time I look at my poor baby with huge stiches on her head
    looking up at me with " what did I do, mom?" :'( I am a bad doggy parent :-[

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    DefaultRe: I feel so bad...

    I am sorry to hear about Zsa Zsa.

    It's funny, we think that because they are small they have to be treated differently. To a certain degree they do.

    Obviously, you found out the hard way to do things differently. It is very hard to split yourself in two to spread your attention evenly, to let one dog know that the other is no more important than the other but, one dog will be treated differently than the other.

    We have 2 Shih Tzus an the 10 MO puppy and Eddie play constantly. We have to be very careful when it gets rough that Eddie knows that JJ isn't the big dog JJ thinks he is.

    Believe me, Eddie has to run and hide from JJ sometimes! Eddie is 63 pounds and JJ is 13!

    Good luck and I hope she is okay soon. My thoughts are with you.......

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    DefaultRe: I feel so bad...

    Yup. My hat is off to you for admitting it was your mistake and not Cocos. I don't know how many dogs I have helped that were put into rescue situations because the owners did the exact same thing you did with the same results and then blamed the adult dog. You have to do everything with Coco first, feeding, going outside, playing. Nobody gets on the furniture with four legs. And Coco should get some alone time with you where he doesn't have to share you with anybody. Hopefully this will help so he doesn't feel like he is being replaced.

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    DefaultRe: I feel so bad...

    Sorry to hear about this....and like others have said kudos for taking steps to fix the problem and for not taking the easy way out.

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    DefaultRe: I feel so bad...

    It is good you know that you are the problem and are fixing it.When I brought Shadow home,I knew not to treat either dog differently.I let them out to play with me together and spent alot mor etime with the older dog at first so sh ewould not think sh ewas being replaced.Now is not so bad.I still watch what I do when giving out treats,I usually give the older dogs hers first and then Shadow.I do alot mor ethen that but that is an example.
    Glad to hear the puppy is ok now and wish you the best.


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