Limping then just vomited
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Thread: Limping then just vomited

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    DefaultLimping then just vomited

    We just came back from a one hour walk and I noticed Piper (almost 4) was limping a bit towards the end. We don't normally walk for one hour at a time, but there is no reason why she normally would have trouble. It looks like she might have a bit of a worn spot on her pad, but it does not look horrible and she is letting me massage the leg.

    I waited 1/2 hour then fed her. 5 minutes after that she literally regurgitated her food - most of it unchewed. I didn't think she ate any faster than normal or any differently.

    Do you think the two are related - i.e. is she in pain? Should I give her some aspirin or try to feed her later? She seems okay, but is always mellow in the evenings.


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    DefaultRe: Limping then just vomited

    I really have no advice, but I do know that on occasion, Boomer will puke up his unchewed food. He is always fine...and I attribute it to eating too fast, or too big of bites.

    As far as the leg goes, have you checked in between the webbing on her feet? Boomer recently picked up a thorn right thru the webbing, and it was there for a couple hours before he started limping.

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    DefaultRe: Limping then just vomited

    Not sure if they are related, but I would have waited at least an hour after the walk to feed.

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    DefaultRe: Limping then just vomited

    Certain spinal issues (chiropractic) can cause a dog to vomit. She could have stepped into a hole and thrown herself out of allignment. If this continues, please take her to a vet that is experienced w/ spinal issues. -birdbrainz

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014


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