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    I found two things that really drive Mambo nuts, Laser pointers. The poor guy will chase and chase. You can see the confused look on his face "Mom , Why can't I ever catch it". It works great for the days when its raining and I cant go outside.

    I also bought jerome a remote control car. Mambo loves to chase it. He gets very protective when it comes my way. It goes like 30 miles an hour. So we took it to a tennis court, locked the gates and let mambo try to catch it for an hour. Lots of fun.

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    What a funny boy he is!
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    Kathryn Guest

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    that is funny
    Dakota LOVES our laser pointer. At night before I make them go to bed if she is off the wall wild still I take her out and she will go after it. She has figured out the "dot" comes from my hand. I want to go to petco and get the one with the diffrent pointer thinggies. I really want the butterfly one!

    My brother has a RC car. Its really expensive I think it was close to $400.00 the dogs are scared to death of it! The cat on the other hand wants to get on top and go for a ride :

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    Mocha loves to chace the laser pointer too it's hillarious she's sliding all over the floor (linolium)
    I've never tried a remote control car though she might be scared of it she dosn't like strange noises.

    FYI..Be careful with the tennis courts it's a good place to let them off leash but the rough surface can tear up their pad pretty bad if they are running and stopping a lot. When I was in my apartment I used to take Mocha to our tennis court to play and hers would get pretty roughed up and another lab that lived there actually tore his pretty badly.

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    Lexie has a bubble machine that makes the living room look like a Lawrance Welk show, it drives Rowdy crazy.

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    Mybabymambo Guest

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    Thanks for the tip on the tennis court. I didnt think about his paws. I made sure I went when it was cooler so they wouldnt be hot.


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