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    Hello Everyone,

    Gia our 9 week old puppy is doing great, seems like she is really getting use to us and the house already, only after 2 weeks. I Have one question i would like some help on, or rather an issue.

    We have been crating her ever night from about 10ish to 6am. She does great gets up maybe once a night and doesn't seem to cry at all anymore at night. Now for the problem.

    I do sales so my sch is kinda off and on. I have been able to spend the first 2 weeks at home with her and we haven't had to crate her at all but once for 3 hours which didn't turn out to well. My wife works from 8-12 so she is able to come home then even if I'm on the road that day. The issue we are experiencing is crating during the day. She Cries so much during the day and doesn't at night. Does anyone have any advice that could get her use to the crate during the day.

    Should I be crating her when I'm at home during the day? She usually falls asleep on the kitchen floor and isn't a big problem for me. I just have to follow her around all day making sure she doesn't go potty in the house or get into anything.

    Any suggestions would be great. I do make it feel like a good place with toys and treats etc, and I never abuse the crate. Just want to get to the point during the day like she is at night.


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    When you can't watch her VERY closely, you should crate her. There are alot of dangers, for your lab and for your things.. when they get bored or even curious. At 9 weeks i know tuck wanted EVERYTHING she could put in her mouth, and lots of things I didn't want her to chew up.
    Sounds like she likes her crate, so it shouldn't be a bad thing. Maybe put her crate where she can see you or you can shhh shhh her if she whines. I think she'll do great!!!!!!!

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    I think you will just need to put her in the crate and wait it out. I know at 8 and 9 weeks, murphy was crying all day, but now he doesnt even make a sound unless he needs to go outside to the bathroom. If she is crying just because she wants out, then just ignore her, because if you come to her every time she cries then she will never stop. You might try hitting(not hard), or rapping on the crate and saying "Quite" every time she whines. If you listen you can hear when she is about to. Eventually she will get the hint that she will just have to deal with it. She wont want to use it voluntarily, you will have to make her at first. She would love nothing more then to run around all day, but sometimes even though you dont want to do it, you have to. I was pretty overwelmed myself, and but only after a month things have changed for the better. Alot will change in a month from now. Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Crate Help Please

    You could turn a radio on to make her think someone is there. For this to work you would have to have the radio or tv on while you are there. When you leave its important not to make a big deal out of it. If she senses your upset she will believe she has a reason to be upset and that could result in seperation anxiety. When Oona was that age if we didn't have both eyes on her she was in the crate. That being said when she was out of the crate we were playing with her to wear her out, then she went back into the crate and slept.


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