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    boonesmom Guest

    DefaultTo the best Secret Santa

    Hey Secret Santa-
    We got our package yesterday. We tried to post but it wouldn't post for some reason.

    Thanks so much for all the fun stuff. Boone loves the new toys especially the big ball. He helped himself to a few biscuits and really enjoyed them. Imagine that- a lab that likes treats!!!

    I love the gifts that you sent to me. I have wanted that angel figurine forever. It was so funny when I openned it- my husband said"How did she know you wanted that one?" You must be psychic!!! I really like the notecards and the ornament. I plan on keeping it out year round. You guys did way too much.

    So now we need to figure out which one you are. This is hard- our brains don't work as good as they use to !! Give us a bit of time to do some detective work and you are always welcome to give us some more hints.

    Here is a picture of Mr. Boone with all the goodies.

    Once again-thanks so very much.


    we are so lucky-

    joann and boone

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    boonesmom Guest

    DefaultRe: To the best Secret Santa

    Didn't take me long to figure you out--are you troopersmom ?

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    DefaultRe: To the best Secret Santa

    How did you know? have to tell me.
    Oh, maybe because I put my name on the package. ;D
    Sorry I didn't write back sooner. I was at a scrapbook party today.
    Glad you liked the gifts. I love those Willow Tree angels and I always wanted the doggy one too. ;D
    I'm glad I could be psychic.

    Hope you had Merry Christmas. Give Boone a hug from us!
    Laura and Trooper


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