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    So we went out this evening for a couple of hours. Before we left, Chatham was tucked away in his crate with a stuffed Kong. Upon our arrival back, Chatham greeted us at the top of the stairs. There is NOTHING in the house destroyed. For the past couple of days he has been teething really bad and had been picking at the Christmas presents and eating tissue out of the wastebasket. It looks like NOTHING was touched while we were gone. I am kind of flabergasted and a little alarmed at what could have happened. The door to the spare room (the only carpeted room) was left opened. He usually goes nuts in there, but again nothing was touched. The funniest thing is we were going to set the alarm, but I shut it off at the last minute because I was scared it would go off for no reason and scare Chatham home alone (it has been known to go off for no reason). If it had been set, he would have set it off. I have no idea how he got out but am glad nothing bad happened.

    We were talking recently about leaving him out for a trial period. A friend of ours has his brother and now leaves him uncrated with no problems. I still won't leave him out though.

    Chatham ~ chocolate Labrador Retriever
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    DefaultRe: Escape Artist

    Good boy Chatham.

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    DefaultRe: Escape Artist

    Chatham is still very young, right?

    If so, don't be deceived by his good behavior. Often if a pup or dog escapes its crate it won't know what to do with itself. Basically it is confused and therefore not in the right state of mind to chew or cause trouble. I would not allow him freedom just yet.

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    DefaultRe: Escape Artist

    Look at that sweet little innocent face, how could you question that he might be even a little misbehaved when left to roam alone

    I still put my seniors in a room behind a baby gate and Sarah in her crate when I leave them home. Sarah will probably be in her crate until she is 5 at the rate she is going, Coleman is likely to be joining her, with his puppy antics he has been pulling lately.
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    Ginger - BT 11/16/05 rescued
    Sarah - blk lab 6/22/06 rescued
    rescued felines - AJ - 8/00 - 1/11, Merlin - 5/20/05, Tucker - 8/3/10, Penny - 7/7/13

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    DefaultRe: Escape Artist

    Glad everything is ok...I agree with the others sure Chatham is crated and secure. Tal is 5 months and I still crate him when I am not here and will for the foreseable future.


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