To Mellow's Secret Santa...
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    DefaultTo Mellow's Secret Santa...

    THANK YOU!!!! That was so sweet and soooo much fun. I waited until Emma was around - she loved the whole idea of "Secret Santa" and wanted to help shop for our Secret Santa recipient. After opening all the gifts she proclaimed, "Mellow will NEVER nap today with all these toys to play with!" Later she said, "He thinks he's gone to heaven." Here's the link to the pictures:
    THANK YOU!!!
    P.S. We don't know who you are!

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    DefaultRe: To Mellow's Secret Santa...

    I had to look at the pictures! Great presents he got. He has been a really good boy this year. He really loves that duck! LOL.

    Deb he has grown so much! Gorgeous boy!
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    DefaultRe: To Mellow's Secret Santa...

    Mellow IS really MELLOW! Wow! He took the whole thing in stride...yeah...I got some really cool toys...yeah...that's cool...I am cool...yeah


    Hey Emma, love your SpongeBob PJs...I want a pair! My favorite character is Patrick.


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