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    I was at Walgreen's yesterday and they had pet beds as you walked in the door for $10. They were 28x36 and folded into a clear plastic like briefcase. They were about 3 inches thick. They would be perfect for a crate pad or for a travel bed. Of course for a 1st bed to see if they would chew at least it would be cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azlab
    Or for a 1st bed to see if they would chew.
    Yea, this would have been handy to think about before we bought the crazy expensive bed for Lexie last year this time. She ate it. Well, she tore it into tiny peices the first chance she had alone with it for 5 seconds! We tried again a couple times with cheaper beds but she chewed those, too. It has been several months since the last one, poor baby sleeps on the floor with no bed. Maybe for just 10 bucks we could try yet again!


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