Oh Indi you are too cute
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Thread: Oh Indi you are too cute

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    DefaultOh Indi you are too cute

    I was playing a video game with my son. Xbox Star Wars Lego. My youngest came up and sat on my lap with a big grin on his face so I screamed and fell back onto the floor, pulling him with me. He was all giggles and he rolled off of me while I played dead. He was laughing away but something about the scream and my suddenly motionless body freaked Indi out.

    She was so sweet though. She came over, sniffed me and then layed down beside me, put her paw on my arm and started nuzzling my hand. When that still didn't get a reaction she started licking my fingers until finally she started sucking on my thumb. At that point I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

    At that reassuring sound she jumped up, looked at me like she had just managed her first successful CPR and went and laid down by my head. What a nut.

    Gave me a good laugh and I went back to playing with my kids after a good rub down of Indi. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Oh Indi you are too cute

    Ah, she was trying to revive you.

    I once pulled that stunt out in the field with my dogs. I was running with them and I just keeled over, and faked being dead. Ruger stood over me and kept dropping his very slimy tennis ball on me. Magnum just wandered away.

    I guess had I really died the buzzards would've come and finished me off, LOL!


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