I'm SOOOO proud of Rascal....
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Thread: I'm SOOOO proud of Rascal....

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    DefaultI'm SOOOO proud of Rascal....

    I just have to brag on Rascal here. My husband's friend and his son came for a visit a couple days ago. They have one of Rascal's littermates(his brother). They both kept going on and on how well behaved Rascal is. They couldn't believe how many things he knew too at four months old. Of course they thought it to be halarious that I am so attached to him.

    You see...when we got Rascal my husband had been calling for two weeks to see if we wanted a Labardor puppy. I was dead set against having a dog at the time. Espically since we were in the process of buying a house and moving. So,for two weeks I told him everytime "NO". Then one day (for some odd reason) I caved in and told him I would go and look at the puppies. Well,Rascal was the last one in the litter who wasn't spoken for. So, we took the poor little tyke home with us. My husband wanted him to be an outdoor dog.(WRONG!!) I couldn't let this little puppy sit outside. So, I started to bring him in while my husband was gone for work and he started to get use to being in the house with me and the kids. My husband's friend told him(Rascal) that he would be smart to stay with us because he had it made pretty good for a dog right where he is at. I look at my puppy sometimes and think to myself,"how could I ever never wanted a dog?".

    I just had to brag on him. I am so proud of this boy of mine!!

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    DefaultRe: I'm SOOOO proud of Rascal....

    That is so cool! Sounds like Rascal is in the perfect place for you both. I can't ever imagine being without a dog now!

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    DefaultRe: I'm SOOOO proud of Rascal....

    and he is so HANDSOME, how could you not love him to pieces and want him around ALL THE TIME!!!


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