Going to class tonight with Simon
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Thread: Going to class tonight with Simon

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    DefaultGoing to class tonight with Simon


    So glad to be back on track with our classes. We missed two weeks ago because the instructor was ill, and last Thursday was when Simon ate all the chocolate covered cherries and cookies :, so this is our first time in quite a while. Should be interesting. I predict lots of vertical leaps.

    Actually, it is the last Level 3 class before Christmas break, and things won't start back up till the second week in January. Fortunately there will be a few Show n Gos between now and then, to help us get ready for the trials in late January.

    I have to take Simon to the vet tomorrow for his water deprivation test. I'm supposed to cut off his water at 8:00, but the class doesn't start until 8. :-[ He is usually very thirsty afterwards (all the treats), so I'm considering not cutting him off until 9 and giving him a drink right after class. ??? I am taking non-salty treats tonight in hopes that he will not need as much to drink as if we were using garlicky hot dogs.

    I might call the vet in the morning just to make sure that's going to work with their test (the hour later cutoff). I can't imagine it would make a huge difference...?

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    DefaultRe: Going to class tonight with Simon

    Good luck in class. Can you not use treats tonight? Or maybe cut class early and give him his last drink right at 8:00 or 8:05? ;D

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    DefaultRe: Going to class tonight with Simon

    Can't help ya with the water but I would love to see him in his vertical leaping...good luck and good thoughts and prayers for his test tomorrow!

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    DefaultRe: Going to class tonight with Simon

    I was wondering how Simon was doing. Good thoughts and prayers for you big guy! Have fun at class!


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