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    ok sorry this is SO long! charlie started limping about six weeks ago, we took him to the vet and he was booked in for a x.ray. when we picked him up the ortho vet was busy so talked to vetinary nurse, she said the vet found some bone in his cartlidge and the vet had injected it with something to disperse it and hopefully that should do the trick, she also gave us glycoflex to give to him twice a day. so he went back for his check up two weeks ago and this time i seen the ortho vet who'd operated on him, he showed me the x.rays of his leg and pointed out his hip joints, one seemed to be ok, but the other joint seemed slightly flat and not as rounded as the other, he said this may or may not cause future problems but it would be case of wait and see and keep ann eye on it. so we've been taking charlie for 15 minutes walk a day on leash of course and trying to keep him as calm as possible and he was doing so well, no limping after haveing a sleep, that is till yesterday he butt tucked round the house it was only for about a minute till we could catch him ( he moves like lightening when he butt tucks!). now today after sleeping he got up and he was limping, i feel so frustrated cos he was doing so well, i think he butt tucked out of the blue like that because he's got so much energy and he just cant burn it off like he used to. so its another visit to the vet, poor boy what with this hip thing and the limping i feel so sorry for him, i guess the one good thing is he doesnt seem to be in pain and is his usual happy self.

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    Poor guy! It's so hard to keep them calm. Good luck at the vet.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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