It is a rainy, gloomy day here. I am trying to vacuum as daughter arrives from NC about midnight tonight. I vacuum when the rain stops enough for the dogs to be outside. Halle did NOT learn her lesson about the vacuum (remember sucked tongue last month?). My husband is working on the door bell and that gets tested every so often setting off a barking frenzy. Last trip by the Christmas tree, Reba grabbed Halle's Christmas present from under the tree. Hmmm.... Was this her normal grab something because mouth cannot be empty or an attempt to open another present? Stop, had to rearrange presents under the tree. None of this mentions the numerous times I have inadvertantly said, "Santa is coming" or "Tiff is coming" and once again setting off barking and a dash to the window to see.

Do your dogs sense the holiday excitement?

Reba with her Secret Santa gift from Miss Haylee of lablimo

Is it empty?