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    So I have had this girl for three days now. She is such a funny dog and for the most part so well behaved. It is nice to see her and Morgan getting along well. She has quickly settled into my home. She sleeps on the bed (anybody else need to look into getting a king size bed just to accomodate the dogs?) and follows me around everywhere. I have taken to bringing both Morgan and Brooklyn to work with me and leaving them in the Jeep (just outside my window so I can keep an eye on them). If you saw her, you would never say that I have only had her for three days.

    So, the challenges:

    1. I have to put some weight on her. Can you say scrawny???
    2. She has no obedience training. You tell her "down" and she looks at you like you have two heads. We are working on it though.
    3. She so needs to be house broken. For the most part she is good in that she does not have a lot of accidents but, I do find puddles around. She is funny that way. I let her outside and she refuses to do anything but five minutes later, I find a puddle on the floor.

    Thing is, if this was any other time of the year, I would be able to train with her so much better but, days are very short now, the weather is crappy and it is hard to train.

    The strengths in this dog:

    1. She is going to be a beautiful looking dog when she puts on some weight
    2. She is so adaptable (as can be seen from the way she is fitting into our little family)
    3. She is walking on a loose leash for the most part (a break through in training)

    Pictures are still in the process since it is hard to get them during the day. O will attempt to do so again this afternoon.

    Thanks all for your words of encouragement


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    DefaultRe: Update on Brooklyn

    Lucky girl that she ended up with you. Can't wait to see pictures.

    I empathize with you about the housebreaking thing, we're still having similar problems with our new rescue pup, Chamois. She's only about 15 weeks old, and we've had her for 2 of those. Clearly, in her case, age has as much to do with it as having never even started being trained. She's perfect in her crate, and learning about letting us know when she needs to go potty. But the little puddles on the floor keep appearing (though less frequently). She'll get there.
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