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    DefaultZen Puppy


    Has anyone every heard of these? I am wondering what the deal is...

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    DefaultRe: Zen Puppy

    when I googled them to read details (link below)


    ...they look like they could be legitimate, natural energy/beauty/etc. boosters (like my dog needs any more energy, and he's plenty beautiful, thank you)

    .....or they could be a money maker.

    I'm curious. Has anyone tried these????

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    DefaultRe: Zen Puppy

    My guess is they're just treats with trace amounts of herbal "supplements" that are supposed to boost energy/aid relaxation/beautify, etc. kind of like similar products pitched at people. I haven't bought them, though I have looked at them in the treat aisle and even gone so far as reading the ingredients, all of which look good.

    But I expect that if you got them with any expectation they'd do anything more than any other kind of treat, you'd be disappointed.
    Toby and Chamois say: GO STEELERS!

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    BaileyDawg Guest

    DefaultRe: Zen Puppy

    The packaging kinda creeps me out... can't put my finger on it, but it is there.

    That's quite interesting information given, though I'm not sure I'd ever believe a treat box which claimed to make your pet more beautiful or more receptive to training. Maybe it smells really nice so they want it more... *shrugs* Bailey doesn't care what it is, if it is food he'll eat it! I'm skeptical of things like that to start with; much like with the Eukanuba bag saying that eating this food will make your pet smarter and easier to train... I ended up laughing (all by myself) in the aisle at the pet store and getting stared at. Maybe it is like Omega3 for dogs... I give that to Joe because it is meant to enhance concentration... perhaps it is the same principle. Hmm.

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    DefaultRe: Zen Puppy

    Our secret Santa sent a box of the Agile treats to Fudge and Nutmeg. Nutmeg loves them!!!


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    DefaultRe: Zen Puppy

    My husband got it for my girls, just because he saw it at the supermarket.
    Both of them loved it, but I don't know about if they became MORE
    beautiful after those treats ;D


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