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    Jake has been chewing the tray in the bottom of his crate. Yesterday I came home and he had chewed the tray then threw up all the pieces of plastic. I do not put any bedding in his crate for this reason. Would it be mean for me to just take the tray out? I just feel bad having him sit on the wire grated part all day........Anyone else have this problem?

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    Tater Guest

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    Well I dont put bedding in Taters crate for the same reason. Tater still tries to move his crate but hasnt chewed on it. Its metal. But he chews his bowls and you can see the blue and gray in his poo. And I have been him throw it up also. So now we have metal bowls. He cant chew them. Tater has been ont eh wire bottom before and he didnt seem to mind it. Good luck

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    I've cut stall mats for my crates in the car...that might work for you. They're heavy and if you make them fit nice and snug, your boy shouldn't be able to get a corner up to munch. One stall mat cost around $25 and I was able to cut that into 4 crate mats.


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